Warranty Policies

We want to thank all our consistent and precious customers for their trust, appreciation, and purchasing Vikebike India electric bikes. For safe driving, to know the technicalities to handle the vehicle, and to become aware of the durability of the parts of the electric bike you should thoroughly read the warranty book and user manual before going to operate the vehicle.

Component name

Warranty period


• Motor

12 months

Motor impairment of vehicle due to random removal of the battery, unwanted fracture, and rust (not covered by warranty and you have to pay to recover it except fault caused by Vikebike India manufacturers) are fixed by the Vikebike India repair service team within 12 months of purchase.

• Chassis

24 months

Chassis manufacturing faults in the carcass, replacement of welded or broken essential parts, and bearing wheel displacement fixed by Vikebike India mechanics within 12 months of purchase. No guarantee for the faults due to continuous use and storage failure.

• Batteries

12 months

Batteries are not under the warranty policy. Due to faulty charging with another charger, voltage shortage, overcharging leads to the out bulging of the battery. You could still have battery replacement by Vikebike India within 12 months from the time you purchased your dream bike.

• ECU chargers

12 months

ECU chargers damage caused by random removal, water entry, improper storage, used with other bikes, torn out wires, wrong voltage, a faulty connection would lead to the malfunctioning of the ECU charger. Vikebike India faculty will be responsible to replace the battery and fix technical liabilities within 12 months of the purchase.

• Alloy wheel

12 months

Alloy wheel manufacturing fault and damage caused while delivering the Vikebike electric scooter are covered by warranty policy and are fixed free of cost within 3 months. But accidental and storage failure damage are not assured in the warranty policy.

• Front/back shock absorbers

6 months

Front/back shock absorbers if damaged due to rash driving, speed breakers, oil spills, wire dismantling, and improper storage are not entertained under warranty regulations. But technical errors can be omitted and fixed within 3 months of the purchase.

• Cluster Clock

6 months

Cluster Clock Fractures, improper handling, faulty connections, unusual breakage are not included in warranty claiming policy. But Vikebike India is responsible to remove any technical issue caused by the carelessness of manufacturers and delivery staff within 3 months.

• Electric Lock Alarm

6 months

Electric Lock Alarm the electric lock alarm if handled with less care, left unattended, lost synchronization is not followed by warranty terms. Keep it checked by yourself in case of any damage.

• Other parts

Parts Rusting, peeling off paint, scratches, broken parts due to encountering an accident cannot be claimed to be fixed as per warranty policy.

Things to Notice

Things to consider before making a purchase of an electric bike from Vikebike India are;

  • Thoroughly go through the user manual and warranty booklet for repair, service, and maintenance of the electric automobile. Keep the proper check on when the motorbike needs maintenance and try doing it within the warranty period.
  • If you have lost the warranty booklet accidentally, you can place a request to reissue it to Vikebike India Warranty division officials.
  • Ask the salespersons about the basic specs of the electric vehicle and simple ways to maintain, repair and service the automobile at home. Ask the staff to provide you with warranty and user instructions before you purchase or operate it.
  • Take a test ride and keenly inspect the working of the motorbike, check the physical appearance, and confirm the availability of other bike accessories right there at the store before purchasing.
  • Right after 10 days of purchase, you’ll be registered officially with the bike and get your warranty card or book. If you haven’t received the warranty instruction book, contact the warranty department of Vikebike India to issue you a warranty card as soon as possible so that you can run on the highway.


Warranty not applicable in some cases

  • Self-caused damage to the electric motorbikes like unattended hits during parking, spilling of liquids on it, saddle dispositioning are not included in the warranty policy.
  • Accidental cases, operating in harsh atmospheric conditions like heavy rain and hailing, internal damage due to driving across flooded areas cause water to seep inside the vehicle to the engine, alarm, brakes, and other parts; could not be attended and fixed following warranty.
  • Naturally worn parts and components: Fuses, fuse boxes, light bulbs, brake pads, brake cables, night legs, pedals, tire tattoos, stain belts, horns and horn switches, wires, plugs, plating paint and plastic cover.



  • Operating the vehicle carelessly in hard weather conditions cause water to enter in the engine of the electric motorbike. Driving in conditions like;
  • Keeping it running in flooded water, tidal water, and accumulated rainwater could cause the loss of function of the engine.
  • Not replacing the old engine seal after every 3 months cause serious damage to the engine.
  • Improper washing practices could cause water to seep inside the electronic components of the vehicle. High water pressure of vehicle washing machines causes water to enter through gaskets, crevices, and seals causing the dysfunctioning of the engine, ECU controller, engine, digital meter, and power adapter.
  • Unprofessional hands handling engine and interrupting its normal functioning can cause damage to the engine.


Power cord cut cases:

  • Cuts on fire wires and om wires.
  • Rusting inside due to moisture retention cause damage to the sensors.


Speed Control Unit:

Flooding, rusting, and faulty or wrong power source could cause damage to the ECU. It can be repaired, dismantled, and can also be replaced at your own cost.

Electric charger:

Damage caused by water, wrong vehicle, voltage fluctuations, distortion, improper handling, and preservation is not entertained under warranty assurance.


Important Note:

It is advised to our every customer that if they ever happen to drive across the flooded and tidal water or in rainy conditions, immediately take the vehicle to the Vikebike India service station for its proper maintenance, observation, service and repairing if any damage occurs. Don’t ignore even a little negotiable fault to avoid serious damages in the future. Utilize the warranty as to the officially registered owner of the electric vehicle to keep it working just like a brand new bike.