Design with stylish design

The VIKEBIKE has a stylish design inherited from the VIKE V1 styling and integrates the smartest features used for electric motorcycles on the market today. SCOOTER has all 4 colors so that users can freely choose according to their interests and practical needs. Smart anti-trom lock system helps open automatically within 3m to increase user experience for convenience.

Front wheel with alloy wheels

The VIKE V1 electric machine has a front wheel with cast alloy wheels with luxurious powder plating technology, excellent anti-oxidation and high strength under the operating conditions. Big disc brakes are inherited from the features of motorcycles, helping to achieve maximum safety and performance. Connecting the entire front wheel assembly to the body is a smooth shock absorber, helping the car to move through the terrain most easily.

Dash Board

Clearly visible the mileage, speed, power and other details, easy to drive safely


Multi-function console, Integrated operation button, adjustable front fork, transparent hydraulic oil cup. Reversing switch, three speed switches

Led Light

Bright headlights make cyclists safer in the dark.

Comfortable Seat

Adopt sofa cortex. The comfort Experience sense is very strong.

Fashion taillight

Comfortable backrest

Fine projectile bold hydraulic damping front shock absorption

Fine lotus seat is also thickened and damped

Air switch inside the seat cushion

Aluminum alloy footrest

Left Control Switch

Right Control Switch

Fine Turning Light

Dish Brake – Safe Drive

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