Battery Handling

Battery Handling Techniques

1- Removing the battery from the controller:

  • First of all, you have to rotate the key on the controller towards the “unlocking” point.
  • Pull out the battery in a horizontal position parallel to the ground with the help of handle present on the battery.
  • Be careful not to scratch the upper surface of the battery or LED indicator.

2- Inserting the battery into the controller:

  • Turn the key on the controller to unlock it and slide the battery into the controller in a horizontal direction parallel to the ground towards the Vehicle.
  • Matching of the semicircular groove( battery’s bottom surface) and semicircular projection should be made sure.
  • Twin controller pins should be fitted well in battery grooves.
  • Applying pressure on the battery’s upper surface while fitting the battery leads to direct damage and breakage of twin controller pins.
  • Rotate the key towards the “OFF” terminal after fitting of battery.