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Become a Dealer or Register to be a Dealer:

Vikebike India Pvt. Ltd., like a rising sun on the sky of the manufacturing industry, is one of the leading companies gathering an enormous number of users in INDIA.

We provide a safe and secure service to admire our customers. For this purpose, we hire recognized dealers, salespersons, and business sponsors from all over the country. Always try to build strong and nurturing relationships with our companions by our ethical conduct, efforts, and estimated riches.

To maintain this continuous addition of the partners and organizations to our company we ought to facilitate them in different ways, including finance from the third party, restricted use of the brand logo, name or trademark, bicycle riding competitions, mountain tracking, advertisements, penaflexes, exhibitions, banners and online marketing on social media platforms.

Vikebike India Pvt. Ltd. built upon the pillars embedded with honesty and fair business policies and expect the same from our dealers. Our business associates and partners are the main links between our company and our esteemed customers. We are hoping to hold the same honest and healthy relations with our partners and dealers.

Qualities of a Good Dealer:

The way of dealing with clients is the key to approach their mental approach. The standards a good dealer should hold are enlisted below as;

  • A good dealer should retain deep insights to perceive what the client expects from the Vikebike India Company.
  • He should be capable of explaining the services Vikebike India provides relentlessly to its customers.
  • Dealer’s keen observation of the infrastructure of the Vikebike showroom helps to build customer’s trust in him.
  • He should have expertise in trading and have a thorough understanding of the retail prices of other electric vehicle companies.
  • A dealer should be confident enough to increase the product demand of the company.

Register as a Dealer:

Want to register as a dealer? Put your information below, which includes your name, email address, and a purpose note.

  • To become a permanent dealer of Vikebike India, contact our officials by sending an email to We will explain to you all the terms and policies to be a loyal, persistent, and active dealer of Vikebike India. Provide your personal information, interests, qualification and purpose of joining Vikebike India Pvt. Ltd.
  • To register as a dealer, you can personally visit Vikebike India Pvt Ltd. Factory Office situated at No.21 and 22, Sidco Industrial Estate, Madurai road, Theni (DT)-625531, Tamil Nadu (State), India.
  • Following your convenience contact us on +91 4546290122.
  • For more information about legal terms and conditions for registering as a dealer, you can contact us on

Vikebike Dealership Online Application Form

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
  • Correspondence Address

  • Current Business Activities of Applicant

    Please indicate all the current business activities of the Applicant/s. If you have multiple businesses, enter them separately.

  • Do you own or already have rented a showroom that can be used? If so, please mention the Sq.Ft
  • How much Working capital are you willing to invest towards inventory (Rs. in Lakhs) *
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.

    I/we the Applicant confirm the personal data provided is correct and authorised Vikebike India Pvt Ltd (and its officials) to scrutinise and validate this data. I/We the applicant, accept the decision of Vikebike India Pvt final & binding. I/We the applicant have not been convicted in any court for any offence. I/We fully understand that in case any information provided above is found to be false/incorrect, Vikebike India pvt ltd. Reserves the right to reject the application or reverse any decision taken on the basis of this format.

    And I/WE cannot make any kind of claim against VIKEBIKE INDIA PVT LTD