Institutional Sales

Institutional Sales

Vikebikeindia Pvt. Ltd. supplies a wide range of Electric Bikes with diverse functionalities that fulfill the needs of school going poor kids, house women and elderly people. Those kids who have to travel long distances from their villages to the schools in cities acquire the best traveling experience by using these Electric Bikes. These bikes may be used by other institutions like Golf courts, Industrial plants, Manufacturing industry, and Educational premise s. Business persons who have just started at a lower level use these Electric Bikes for delivery purposes.

Features of Electric Bikes:

Equipped with some exceptional features Vikebike Electric Bikes are;

  • Easy to ride
  • Easy to maintain
  • Have low maintenance costs
  • No petrol expenses
  • Economically budget-friendly
  • Eco-friendly

Additional Battery Provision:

Vikebike Electric Bikes come with replaceable battery technology to keep you going whenever you are traveling long distances. An additional battery will provide you a backup for instant use. If one battery gets discharged by continuous working this additional fully charged battery could be used in place of the discharged battery. On average, this battery weighs about 3 kgs and can easily be carried in bag packs while traveling.

General Institutional Benefits:

Vikebike Electric Bikes benefits would definitely give you goosebumps. Here we described a few of those benefits.

  • Clear, clean and green environment is guaranteed with these Electric Bikes.
  • Can be used by the people of age groups ranging from 8 to 60.
  • If you never drove a bike before, you can still drive it without the fear of getting into any trouble.
  • Maintenance free Electric Vehicle that provides long term traveling experience.
  • Engine replaced by a rechargeable battery and Electric motor that keeps you on the road for a longer duration.
  • Keep your surroundings free from unwanted pollution giving you ‘Go Green’ experience.
  • Cost of fuel can be saved with this fuel-less technology.
  • No service expenses as it is highly efficient technology that can go by days without the need for service.
  • Noiseless technology that prevents noise pollution.

Educational Benefits:

  • Our company offers mouth-watering schemes for the students to purchase Vikebike Electric Bikes.
  • We designed our Electric Bikes in such a way that these bikes follow the traffic rules.

Manufacturing Benefits:

  • Vikebike Electric Bikes can be used by school going kids, elderly people, employees and house women as well.
  • These Electric Bikes helps employees to maintain campus mobility like Patrolling, admin and maintenance work.
  • Battery can be charged on normal solar charging ports providing 240V- 50Hz electricity supply.

Commercial Benefits:

  • Commercially suitable for delivery and courier purposes.
  • Also can be used by restaurants, medical centers, food points and home delivery services.