About us

An Introduction to our Company

Vikebike India Pvt. Ltd. is the company of Electric Bikes built by Mr. Vinoth Kumar( Managing Director) under the Ashirwad (Blessings) of his late Grandfather Mr. N. P Gopalsamy ( May His Soul Rest In Peace).

Company Name

The name Vikebike suggested to our company under two main reasons.

Word ‘VIKE’ is abbreviated in two ways.

First Reason

First Reason in the name Vike is given to our company before the name of its Founder or Managing Director Mr. Vinoth Kumar ( Vi = Vinoth, K = Kumar, E = ElectricBikes)

Second Reason

Secondly, the Acronymic definition of Vike is “Visualizing Information in Knowledge Engineering”.

These two reasons are the key players behind the name set up of our company Vikebike India Pvt. Ltd.

Company profile

Emerging as a pro-star on the industry of Electric Vehicles, we are aiming to provide you with the best Electric Bicycles and Scooters along with an extensively wide range of premium products.

Evolving technology leads to the manufacturing of most proficient electric scooters of modern time. This useful invention of the electric scooter is always enriched with exceptional features.

Company’s Goal

Our company aims at bringing all stakeholders, the environment, the company, employers, suppliers and dealers on a single huge platform to polish their skills.

The ingenious approach of our company always ponders upon bringing or attracting maximum sales and services partners across the country to be the one with core importance in Industry of Electrical Vehicles.

Company’s Vision

Our company always consider the needs of an Electric Scooter driver and of the environment as well. Our vision is to provide ecologically safe and economically affordable products with premium quality. We are trying to plot an edifice unifying, clean, green and ‘No Pollution’ means of transportation.

Why should you opt for an Electric Scooter?

In a world that is grappling with the depletion of fossil fuels, buying Electric Scooter might be a great idea. Using no fuel but electricity to charge batteries of the Electric Scooters in order to have highly efficient driving experience, is worth more than using traditional motorbikes. An affordable electric vehicle that would be great on the go and easy on the pocket is much faster than a regular car.

You can break through narrow passages easily without any hassle if you are moving to a grocery shop or anywhere else.

Our Speciality

We always tend to supply eco-friendly, budget-friendly, portable and comfortable transport to our customers.

Our Ultimate Target

Our main target is building the trust of our customers by making their needs satisfied with functional and helpful technology, to make their lives easier and comfortable.