Services and Support

Services and Support

Customers arise multiple questions about servicing and repairing facility of Electric Bikes If they face any issue while handling or driving Vikebike Electric Bikes.

Here We come up with some of the best solutions ever!

Let us put some light on the questions that may probably be of great importance.

Should we opt for any bicycle shop to service Vikebike Electric Bikes?

We always prioritize an easily serviceable technology to ease up our valued customers. Holding up a very unique motor design and customary spare parts are the reasons that make any bicycle repair workshop service and repair Vikebike Electric Bikes easily.

From where I can get the Electrical parts repaired or serviced?

If you find dysfunctioning of any of the parts of Vikebike Electric Bikes, please contact us via phone call or SMS and we will direct you how you can sort out the functioning issue and make that part working in no time. Our company will answer your queries about repairing and servicing of Vikebike Electric Bikes immediately after you register your complaint by a phone call.

What If I do not find an authorized dealer near me in my city?

As our company is a growing project in the manufacturing industry it will not be possible to find any dealers near you at least until it comes up to full bloom in industry. To cope up with this issue you have to follow some simple steps.

1) If you do not find an authorized dealer in your town, immediately report this issue through an SMS or phone call, and our team members will get back to you within 24hours.

Team members of our company will be available to you 7 days a week who let your issues solved in more than one day. Moreover, you can write to us your issue at our site address

2) Firstly we try to resolve the issue by providing you instructions on the telephone on how to repair it by yourself. If it does not work and telephonic service failed, we tend to provide you with professional support to repair the issue. Locate a bicycle repair shop near you that will service your bicycle and go up for better results.

3) Entrust your bike to the nearest bicycle repair shop and let our company members contact the administration of the bicycle repair shop to analyze the issue and resolve it according to repair strategy of Vikebikeindia Pvt. Ltd. If any spare parts needed, the customer has to ask for new spare parts and send us their residential address where we can send our customer the parts of Electric Bikes through postal factory service.

Online Shopping:

If you want more satisfaction in buying new spare parts you can also place an order online to buy accessories and spare parts of the Electric Bikes from our website.

Website Adress:

That is how we secretly help you to tackle with the repairing issue.

Satisfactory Working:

Vikebike Electric Bikes are equipped with standardized parts like brakes, tyre, tube, handle set and crankset. Other than these components motor, battery, and controller are easily replaceable parts that can be replaced with new ones. This thing made these Electric Bikes more comfy of all.

We provide you with highly engineered components that can be handled by any bicycle repairing unit either you make bike purchase online or individually from the store. We always tend to provide you with the best support and our services are just a call and an email away from you.