Basic Maintenance

Same like a traditional vehicle, electric vehicle demands equal maintenance and rigorous safety. Regular maintenance of electric motorbikes keeps it running smoothly every time you operate it. But you need to limit maintenance activity to your level of knowledge. Take important measures and perform simpler maintenance activities within your ultimate knowledge extent. If something unusual happened you are not aware of with, contact Vikebike India showroom and discuss the issue with the expert technicians. It is recommended to perform the maintenance of your electric bike every 3 to 6 months.

Basic things to consider during electric bike maintenance are as follows;

  • Limit the chemical or acid spillage out from the battery.
  • Securing batteries from unusual happenings like crashes during accidents.
  • Prevent electric shocks by keeping chassis isolated from the high-voltage systems.
  • Use of screws to check the joints like a saddle, footrest, Bike neck, front and back axle, screws, and watch meters.
  • Keep regular checks on the system for proper electricity, Lithium-ion or Lead batteries, and headlights.
  • To prevent the damage due to friction, apply oil or grease to chain, pedals, moving shafts, cot, brakes, and support legs.
  • Occasionally wash your electric motorbike but before washing, do remove the battery. Avoid using water pressures on the governors beneath the meter and seat.


However, you can take your bike to Vikebike India showroom and we are always here to maintain your vehicle by overall vehicle inspection, it’s cleaning, lubrication, painting, polishing, repairing, replacing, and inclusion of advanced components.  We take care of;

  • Joint vehicle inspection by our expert technicians
  • Electric parts like engine, motor, power controller ECU, and charger
  • Lithium-ion or Lead batteries
  • Joints, screws, front, middle and rear axle bearings, motor bearings
  • Saddle, clock set, and a steering-wheel bearing damping device like ‘Steering damper’ or ‘Steering stabilizer’
  • Handbrake system, brakes pads, brakes oil, brakes sensors, brakes straps, and operating throttle
  • Front and back tires
  • Front and rear shock absorbers
  • Magnetic lock, theft alarm, mechanical or manual lock system
  • Screws, nuts, bolts, chassis, main body, plastic sets
  • Middle and back legs

Advanced maintenance

For more precise and exact maintenance, after every harsh ride take your bike to Vikebike India showroom or service center to fix any anomaly. Our expert technicians and manufacturers keenly observe the bike’s current situation and find out the issues and fix them immediately. This practice would increase the life of your motorbike and keep it working more stably and efficiently. Safely operate it and enjoy your ride.

Maintenance at home

  • Keep your electric bike clean. Use harmless specific cleaner liquids of top brands and clean your bike after every ride.
  • Avoid jet washing as it worn out the lubricating oils and grease which were mainly applied for protection of the electric motorbike at the time of manufacturing. Also, intruding water would lead to the corrosion of internals.
  • The service team would pass the maintenance schedule to the customer to set service time accordingly as per their convenience.
  • For advanced management at home, call the service team of Vikebike India on already decided time.
  • Our expert maintenance staff will arrive at the exact address at the exact time and skilfully maintain the electric motorbike using advanced techniques.
  • The technical staff of Vikebike India is advised to report the status of the motorbike to the owners after maintenance to allow customers to keep track of the progress.
  • In case of the damage that is outside the scope of warranty and periodic maintenance, service staff would liable to charge extra cost for repairing and replacing worn out parts on the request of the customers.

Customers residence outside the 15km range from the Vikebike India showroom will be charged for extra fee.