How to start a Vikebike India eBike

Carefully read the step by step process of starting the bike before operating one.

Electric bike locks: There exist four lock types purposefully fitted on an electric bike.

Electric bike locks

Power lock: It controls two functions “Power On and Power Off”. To turn on, move the key to the right side and move the key to the left side to turn off the power.

Neck lock: Press the key and rotate it counterclockwise to lock and unlock the bike’s neck.

Front lock

It controls the opening and closing functions of the trunk.

Saddle lock

It controls two functions; opening and closing the saddle.

Adjust sitting position

For a relaxing and most comfortable sitting gestures, adjust the height of the saddle according to your average height. Your two feet must be touching the ground with right hand used to insert the key into power socket Rotate the key towards the right in a counterclockwise direction to turn the bike on. Once the electric clock got current and switched on, clear the source.

Accelerate slowly

The right foot must be placed on the paddle to hit it until eBike catches the power. The left foot should be touching the ground with right hand rotating the accelerator inwards in an anticlockwise direction to adjust the required acceleration.

How to drive a Vikebike India eBike?

  • Slowly accelerate an electric motorbike after starting it. Also, slowly turn off the gas availability when turning it off to avoid any internal damage to the electric units and preserving electric power for future use. It would rather the safe way than turning it off rigorously.
  • Lessen the use of brakes and number of times you used to turn it on again and again (to save power and maintain engine normal functioning)
  • Avoid overloading the bike when in use. Limit the weight eBike carrying as advised by manufacturers.
  • While driving in heavy traffic, use signal lights and horns to drive safely.

How to stop a Vikebike India eBike properly?

  • Turn off the power when stopping the electric motorbike to avoid unwanted turning on of throttle that damages bike’s internals by starting immediately with a jerk.
  • Go for locking the neck of the bike by turning off the neck lock

Directions to charge the battery properly

Follow the simple steps below to charge the battery of your electric bike in a useful way that enhances battery efficiency and improves its performance to the maximum.

  • First of all, open up the saddle by turning the key right into the saddle lock.
  • Unplug the battery from the wire connecting the battery to an electric bike.
  • Remove the battery from the electric bike.
  • Avoid placing the battery on the slopes while recharging. It will damage the battery.
  • Place the battery on the flat surface. Plugin one end of the charger into the power recharging socket above the battery and the other end must be plugged in electricity source or a switchboard.
  • Wait almost three hours to charge it completely and then cut off the electricity supply by disconnecting the charger.
  • Do not overcharge it.

Precautions when charging a battery

  • Keep the battery in a safe and elevated place out of the reach of the children while charging.
  • Avoid using another charging unit. Use the same charging system provided with the Vikebike India electric motorbike having equivalent capacity compatible with the battery capacity.
  • Place the battery on the safe and flat surface to avoid falling, colliding and breaking of the battery when moving it.
  • Avoid covering the charging unit (Battery and Charger).
  • Prevent using liquids near the battery when charging it to avoid water entry inside the battery and charger.
  • Try keeping the battery in a cool but dry place. Avoid damp places.
  • If you feel unpleasant smell coming out of the charger and if it is getting too hot, immediately disconnect the charger and stop the charging process. Without wasting much time send or take the charger personally to the Vikebike India showroom for repairing and maintenance.

How to control a Vikebike India electric scooter?

1. Keenly observe the bike before starting your journey. Check it properly if it needs repairing, service, and maintenance.

  • Wheels: Check the wheels if there is a need for inflating it or not.
  • Power charging: Check the battery power percentage if it is fully charged or not.
  • Screws: Check screws if these are fastened properly and are safe enough to travel or not.
  • Brakes: Check the brakes if these are properly lubricated with oil or grease or if these are adjusted in a proper direction to travel long distances.

 Steering Yen: Check if the yen is adjusted properly compatible with your comfort level to avoid unusual and unwanted stress while driving

  • Note:

    If you find any defect, immediately contact the Vikebike India service centre and call them to your place or take the electric bike to the Vikebike India showroom by yourself

2. How to remove and reinstall the battery?

  • First of all, open up the saddle by turning the key right into the saddle lock.
  • Unplug the battery from the wire connecting the battery to an electric bike.
  • Remove the battery from the electric bike.
  • To reinstall it reverse the entire process.
  • After loading the battery, lock the saddle by turning the key towards left.

3.Vikebike Electric motorbike overall inspection and maintenance

  • Keep the electric bike clean and maintain it regularly.
  • Check Brakes and Brake wires. Apply oil at least once in a month.
  • Keep regular checks on the Front axle and middle shaft. Keep replacing the oil or grease every 6 months.
  • Check the electric bike’s chains regularly. Lubricate the chains with oil at least once in a month.

Safety measure when handling and operating Vikebike electric bike

  • Safety measures for chassis and internals:

    • Do not remove the engine of the vehicle randomly when not necessary.
    • Avoid immersing the internal components mainly attached to the engine and battery in water.
    • Avoid operating the electric bike when the insulating cover (bag) is worn out.
    • Lock the electric bike after stopping or when not in use.

     Safety measures for charger and battery:

      • Avoid removal or repair of the battery by yourself when unaware of advanced technical skills.
      • Avoid touching the power charging panel or outlet with your bare hands.
      • Keep the battery and charger out of the children’s reach especially when recharging.
      • Use a customized power outlet of 220 – 240V power.
      • Do not let water get into the battery to prevent the loss of battery functioning.