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Keep your electric bike clean. Use harmless specific cleaner liquids of top brands and clean your bike after every ride.


We want to thank all our consistent and precious customers for their trust, appreciation, and purchasing Vikebike India electric bikes.


Self-caused damage to the electric motorbikes like unattended hits during parking, spilling of liquids on it, saddle dispositioning are not included in the warranty policy.

Work time

8h-19h all days of the week

Scope of deployment

No.21 and 22, Sidco Industrial Estate, Madrai road, Theni, Tamil Nadu, 625531

Service charge

Calculated from the warranty center


+91 4546 290122

Maintenance and Repair Service with Wing's Services team:

Vikebike India Pvt. Ltd. gives a full-time free service guarantee to the customers. On-site service call facility is the most desired service every customer demands. Send an email to Wing’s service faculty in case of any maintenance issue or any damage to your electric vehicle. However, Vikebike India provides reliable and beautifully carved products with long-lasting durability still, there exists a possibility of it to encounter any technical issue and to get into an accident. Purchase insurance for your vehicle and keep it serviced at least every three months. Vikebike India is all there at your service. 

Be at ease. You don’t have to take your electric automobile to the showroom or a service station. You just need to make a call, and Vikebike Wing’s service team would be at your doorstep for the maintenance, service, and repair of your electric vehicle. The services our wing staff provides you are;

  • A thorough inspection of the electric motorbike included.
  • Replace the screws with new ones if needed in case of rust.
  • Check properly and adjust the front and the rare brakes of the bike according to customer needs.
  • Lift or lower down the saddle of the electric vehicle to match it with the owner’s height.
  • You can have a replacement for old Vikebike spare parts with new ones.
  • A general instruction session with a customer about how to maintain your vehicle in adverse conditions.

Wing service team leader will explain some standards to you for keeping a check of your automobile maintenance from time to time. For maintenance and repair service, call us or take your vehicle to the Vikebike India showroom by yourself.

Warranty Rules and Regulations:

With every electric motorbike going out of the showroom of Vikebike India Pvt. Ltd. holds a warranty under which you can claim your damaged vehicle.

  • Vikebike India Wing’s service menders would charge you their service fee. You would not be paying to repair and replacing dues if your electric bike with warranty got damaged or if there exists some fault in Vikebike warranty terms.
  • Cases with warranty period passed away are not entertained with free repairing service. They have to pay the cost of repair and replacement and service fees as well.

To acknowledge yourself about the rules and regulations about using electric bike warranty, visit for online information or read the warranty booklet thoroughly after purchasing an electric scooter.