Why choose Vike Electric Bikes

We should not be denying the fact that Vike Electric Bikes are the most efficient vehicles. A number of compelling plus points will definitely direct you towards buying one.

  • Easy to ride and paddle
  • Easily switched between paddle and motor
  • Fuel free drive
  • No need for license and registration
  • Long-life Lithium-ion battery
  • Eco-friendly, prevent pollution.
  • Quick charging-takes 1.5 hours for a full recharge
  • Available in different attractive colors.

Advantages of Vike Electric Bikes:


When you are looking for an Electric Bike there are a certain number of features you have to consider while buying and one of them is Motor.

Brush Less Direct Current (BLDC) motor with Japanese technology has been fitted in Vike Electric Bikes. Once it gets warm due to continuous use, can be cooled with water or air. It has cast Alusmartum Foot Throttle fitted below accelerators. This motor controlled by a state-of-art controller which is located below the battery box containing an embedded system with power electronics. It enhances the driving experience of the riders by providing easy climbing on flyovers and slopes.


  • Clean, quiet, efficient, reliable, compact and monstrous powerful
  • These motors drive your Electric Bikes up to 100mph
  • Simply constructed with a regular rear hub fitting
  • Noiseless, smooth and long-lasting performance
  • High speed with efficient torque features


Vike Electric Bikes are equipped with extremely efficient Lithium-ion batteries. Li-ion batteries are rechargeable and used in portable electronics and electric vehicles. It can be charged anywhere at any time regardless of the existing charge levels. The three-point lead indicator indicates the charging level of the battery. It is fast recharged within the short time span of about 1.5 hours. Such batteries increasingly enhance the proficiency of the Vike Electric Bikes.


  • Life of Li-ion battery is approximately 3 years
  • No self-discharge when kept unused
  • Portable battery with merely 3kg weight
  • 1000 charging cycles per battery
  • Power output remains same over the discharging
  • Probability of leakage is extremely low

Enlisted features make the Li-ion batteries more demanding than Lead batteries.

How Vike Electric Bikes contribute towards Economic Savings?

Our company always have an inclination for providing best quality ever. Economically Vike Electric bikes are pocket-friendly to the parents who have to provide their children with such an efficient vehicle for going schools and colleges. This technology has proved far better than technology using fuel.

Highly efficient Li-ion batteries decrease the management cost of the bikes. Once you buy an Electric Bike with Li-ion battery you should not get overwrought about changing it every year as it comes with 3 years of warranty.

How Vike Electric Bikes are ecologically safe?

Electric Bike technology is superior to fuel bike technology.

Fuel, on burning, not only cause environmental stress but carcinogenic diseases in humans and animals as well. This also saves our natural resources like fossil fuels that are in proportion an important element of nature.

On average Vike, Electric Bike reduces a ton of CO2 every year leaving environment less polluted.

About 5-8% conversion of fuel bikes into Electric Bikes saves 43 lac liters of petrol per year.

‘Go Green’, be safe and make everyone safe in your surroundings, including your kids as well as other kids.