Vikebike City

The latest and improved Vikebike Electric Bike version comes with a pedal technology. High efficiency of this electric bike makes it unique among the rest of the VikeBike products. Let us describe some compelling features of Vikebike City Electric Bike.

Technical Features:

  • Remote start technology can be started in seconds without any hassle.
  • Provided with the fittings if tubeless tires filled with liquid sealants that give it protection against any cut.
  • LED headlights and indicators illuminated by multicolor light make it more radiant.
  • A back wheel remote lock technology enables the rider to lock it immediately.
  • Indication meters for mileage, battery level and speed with LED technology makes rider alert about battery charge.
  • For mobile phone charging, a multi-head USB port is fitted in this electric bike.
  • Shiny and stylish alloy wheel rims to give it a professional look.
  • Due to holding all the above feature gives sports bike look.

Body Specifications:

  • Fuel free technology that is ecologically safe and economically affordable.
  • Highly efficient Lithium-ion battery of 48V and 12Ah is fitted in this electric bike.
  • A brushless DC motor of 48V with the power of 350 Watts is considered to provide good speed.
  • It takes 6 to 8 hours to charge completely using 220V and 50Hz current.
  • Covers about 40 to 50 km distance in one full charge with a speed of 40 km per hour.
  • Its wheel diameter is 18 × 2.30mm approximately.
  • Available in multi-colors including white, red, blue, purple and black.

This latest technology leads to the fame of Vikebike INDIA PVT LTD around the country. Can be used by people of any age and gender including students, men and women.