Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

Before registering on Vikebikeindia Pvt. Ltd. you should read the terms and conditions of the website very carefully for using the services and accessing any information about the website. Your acceptance of terms and policies is a must for using services provided by Vikebikeindia website.

You should agree on the following terms and conditions


Vikebikeindia Pvt. Ltd. is an online website of our company owned by our company itself. You have to agree on all the terms, conditions, notices with certain rules and orders passed by Vikebikeindia Pvt. Ltd.

Vikebikeindia Pvt. Ltd. will not inform you about any changes and updates the company made, whether you are its registered user or not. You have to visit Vikebikeindia from time to time to remain notified about new policies made by the company. You have to visit the website and agree on new and modified terms and conditions, afterward your use of website and services will be directed to the new Use terms and conditions. Periodic visits to the Website make you aware of the activities of the website owners. Last updated policies can be reread. You have to place your opinion about upgraded Use terms and policies prior to your continued use of the Website but If you do not write anything in the consent box you will be automatically directed to the use of the website after you agree upon new conditions.

Being a permanently registered user of Vikebikeindia Pvt. Ltd. Website, if you use the website and services provided or just scroll the website from upside down you should agree that you have understood, read, and agreed with the new terms and policies set up by the company owners.


This website is built to facilitate the users to purchase high-quality goods through various Vikebikeindia Pvt. Ltd. affiliates and registered dealers. This online purchase and sale of the stock from a website based on the principle of “Terms of Offer For Sale”


If you are below 18 years or dismissed by Vikebikeindia Pvt. Ltd. due to some unknown reasons, you are unable to avail of the services provides and can not use the website for any other purpose. Just before using this facility of online buying and selling of goods, you have to meet the above-mentioned criteria to be eligible for using the Website. You have to make sure that you are eligible to use the website, you are 18+ and not banned by the website to avail the services under the laws of India. Even if you are under 18 you can still avail of the services by cross bridging your legal guardian. You use the information of your father or mother to register as a permanent user of the website and can avail services with ease.

Vikebikeindia Pvt. Ltd. hereby will have all the rights to deny access to use the services offered at the website to newly registered users or existing users without informing the sole reason behind this.

You should have only one active account logged in to our website for registering as a permanent user. You are not allowed to advertise and sell on this website.

User Account, Password, and Security:

You can only be directed to use the services offered by the website if you are registered to the Vikebikeindia Pvt. Ltd. by providing actual information about you (name, E-mail address, working mobile number, and other personal information) to the Website. You have to log in to the Website using the Account and Password provided by Vikebikeindia Pvt. Ltd.

Information provided to the Website for registering should be authentic, real, and up to date. Using the account of another person other than your own account is inhibited by the Website very strictly.

If you provide wrong, unauthorized, and untrue information about you, Vikebikeindia Pvt. Ltd. hereby will have all rights to block your account and refuse your current and existing users of the website under laws and conditions.


In order to prevail the best prices and services provided by Vikebikeindia Pvt. Ltd., you have to agree with providing your own authentic and accurate credit or debit card information. You are not allowed to add the credit or debit card information of any other person.  Your payment information will remain confidential until or unless there will be some fraudulent issue reported. Your information will be given to court according to law due to any disturbance caused by you.

User obligations:

You can utilize the services provided by Vikebikeindia Pvt. Ltd. once you agree to the terms and conditions of the Website and any legal law passed by the Indian government.

You have to agree not to access the Website using any other interface that is not provided by Vikebikeindia Pvt. Ltd. You should not use any deep-link, robot spider, or other automatic device program and methodology to access and acquire information about the Website.

The website allows you to post content on the website, you have to make sure that the material you uploaded is not offensive and against applicable laws. You should not be using;

  • Abusive language.
  • Defame, threaten, violate others against law.
  • Portray the wrong image of any person or thing and misrepresent your relationship with that individual and entity.
  • Post, publish, upload any defamed, inappropriate, disturbing, insane, and unlawful thing on the website.
  • Share the software links and upload the files that contain the virus and being corrupted for so long time disturbs the normal operation of the website.
  • Try to get into the security of the website this harming the confidentiality of the website like resources, accounts, passwords, servers, and networks connected to it.
  • Collect and save the data of another user of the website is strongly prohibited.
  • Downloading files uploaded by any other user or deleting the information provided by other users is illegal and not accepted by the terms and conditions of the Website.
  • Violation of laws and regulations related to time within or outside India.

You have to agree to Vikebikeindia Pvt. Ltd. that you are responsible for any violation caused to this Website and that there is no third party but you who operate your account.

Use of Materials:

You have to follow the following conditions in order to use the services of the Website.

  • You can access and use materials for personal and informational use.
  • You can not alter or modify product descriptions and any other material present on the Website.
  • You can not remove any text or copyright notices in product catalogs.

Any kind of software present on Vikebike Pvt. Ltd. Website is the legal property of the Website and you can not download or use it from the Website unless you are permitted by the terms of the Website.

Report abuse:

If you find a violation of the terms and conditions of the Website or any type of abusive and offensive act by someone it is your legal right to report that person to Vikebike Pvt. Ltd. Website.

Privacy policy:

The user hereby confirms and declares that he has carefully read, fully understood, and agree to the terms and conditions or law policies of Vikebikeindia Pvt. Ltd. You additionally have to express that all the terms and policies are acceptable to you.


The user hereby has to agree to receive SMS and e-mails from Vikebikeindia Pvt. Ltd. in order to maintain healthy communication with the user.

Feedback and Information:

Your feedback about the Website will not be hidden but expressly visible to all the users and visitors. Before leaving feedback, you have to confirm that it does not contain any confidential information about you, Vikebikeindia Pvt. Ltd. is not under any obligations of confidentiality, express with respect to feedback, and Vikebikeindia Pvt. Ltd. may have something similar coming to it.