Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Vikebikeindia Pvt. Ltd. always tends to provide you with secure transaction experiences and customer support policies at all times. We update our privacy policy terms most frequently and being our registered customers you are advised to visit our site regularly to keep a clear check on any changes done in the privacy policy. We hereby hold the complete authority to mold and change our privacy policy by our consent.

Registration for Online Buying:

To order online at our website to purchase our services and products you have to be our registered member to avail of other surprising deals.

To register at you have to provide us with the following credentials.

  • Your original name
  • Permanent residential address
  • Working phone number
  • Authentic e-mail i.d

All the information provided should be correct and original to avoid mistaken dealings. We will have a complete hold on using this information for any litigate issue and for sending our valued customers offers based on their interests.

Personal information of our clients can be used for the following purposes.

  • Resolving disputes
  • Analyzing customer’s interest in our products
  • Interpreting our services to our customers
  • Collecting payments which are due to us
  • Protecting us from any fraud, fake dealings, criminal activity and any kind of error
  • Update you about our new offers, new product launches, and new services
  • Execution of terms and conditions

If needed, we are allowed to track your IP address to identify you. You may be asked by our company members to complete an online survey to enhance your online shopping experience by using the data collected from the survey. This makes online shopping more comfortable. This data of our valued customers will remain secret or confidential and would not be shared with anyone.

We hereby will have complete authority to disclose your identity to the law in order to prevent identity theft, fraud, and other frequent illegal acts. We will reveal the credentials by the law that were kept confidential, to detect and prevent any abuse of terms and policies.

Our company Vikebikeindia Pvt. Ltd. always directed to the use of strict security measures to prevent loss, misuse, and any illegal changes in information. Whenever one of our registered customers or members tries to change or access his/her account, we offer a secure server to protect the personal information of our customers. All we do is protect your personal information from unauthorized access.

If you want us to remove your information from you have to contact us by calling our company members.