Our Targeted Customers:

Vikebike INDIA PVT LTD is a growing company in the manufacturing industry providing the best of all Electric Bikes. We aim to provide an easy and convenient traveling experience to our customers.

School Going Children of Professionals:

Our focus customers are the parents of school-going children. In developing countries like INDIA, every family requires a working hand both from husband and his spouse to meet their needs of living. Starting a family is not as easy as some people think of it but brings a mountain of responsibilities. Having children means you have to work not only for yourself but for buying needs of your kids.

Professional parents have no time to drop their kids at school and pick them up after school time. To straighten out this issue Vikebike INDIA launched the most reasonable, long-lasting, portable, reliable, and guaranteed Electric Bikes for school-going children and college students. These Electric Bikes revolutionize the daily routines of the students as well as their parents.

 School Going Children Travelling 20KM Per Day To Schools:

Specifically our company Vikebike INDIA PVT LTD introduced this technology for the school going kids who live far away from cities in small towns and villages.

Both girls and boys have to travel 20km from and to their homes. It is very difficult for them to paddle continuously against 20km that takes about half an hour to reach their schools. The parents of such kids are poor and can not afford expensive bicycles, motorbikes, and scooters for their kids to travel.

We provide them with low-cost and reliable Electric Bikes to ease them up with riding. By using Vikebike Electric Bikes their kids would definitely perform well in exams and secure excellent grades because by saving energy and time they use to waste on paddling traditional bicycles or walking on feet.

House Ladies:

Tackling with household chores is really a hectic task especially for Indian housewives. Women who stay at home have to handle the environment of the house by doing indoor and outdoor house chores.

Housewives usually get troubled with going grocery shopping alone on overcrowded public transport which is time-consuming, tiring, and irritating to them. Vikebike INDIA brings a revolution in the lives of house women, launches the technology of Electric Bikes that made grocery shopping and local traveling for any other purpose a way more easy task than before.

House women simply start their Electric Bikes, travel to their favorite store, and shop in a happy mood. Also, they can save time spent on traveling by public transport.

Some women are responsible to drop their KG class kids at school. Driving a car in school timings is like offering your hand to the lion for a handshake. But these Electric Bikes being small-sized and easy to handle will make women leave their kids to school on time.

This new technology will surely change the dull lives of housewives into fun and adventure.

Old Men And Women:

Youngsters being energetic and active are able to do everything with ease including traveling for any purpose. But the elderly people who have spent a large portion of their lives become fatigued, weak, lazy, and listless. They can not travel through public transport.

Vikebike INDIA facilitates them with manufacturing high quality and modern type Electric Bikes. This technology provides convenient traveling to elderly women and men who are still doing jobs.

Why buy Vikebike Electric Bike?

These bikes are more expedient, budget-friendly, have low maintenance and fuel cost, and are ecologically safe.

Vikebike provides you with the Electric Bikes that hold an outstanding feature of replaceable battery to ensure no interference with your straight go. With having an additional battery you can cover twice the distance without being panic about charging the battery. The extra battery only weighs 2 to 3 kg and can easily be carried with you. The discharged battery can easily be replaced with a fully charged one and the discharged one can be charged separately.