Our Electrical Vehicles

Our Electrical Vehicles:

We really feel proud to acquaint Us as one of the leading Companies of modern technology of Electrical Vehicles. Our commitment to the accomplishment of our goal is the reason for our success. We provide a better way to preserve natural resources such as fuel by designing ‘Go Green’ type transportation in the form of Electrical bikes. We always look forward to consistent innovative touch-driven growth and deliver quality products.

There are no age and gender limitations on the use of Electrical Bikes, which can be used by any age group of men and women, starting right from the age of 10 and onwards. Our trendy-looking Electrical Bikes are easy to use for kids, job-holders, professionals, commuters, environmentalists, fitness enthusiasts, college-going youngsters, and even housewives to handle daily household chores.

No license is required for the easily manageable Electric Cycles, as these are slow and low on speed. You can travel to the nearest town with only a one-time charge without the hectic fuel filling routines. An Electric Cycle is just ideal to be included in any home. We offer Electrical Cycles, encompass every one of any gender that include;

  • Vikebike New
  • Vikebike Kyoto
  • Vikebike Q5
  • Vikebike Q7
  • Vikebike Q8
  • Vikebike Q9
  • Vikebike K9
  • Vikebike City
  • Vikebike Xman style

Safety and portability are great features of our Electrical Cycles. If your Electric Cycle ran into trouble in the middle of the road while traveling, you will not be needing a lifter to carry it to the repair shop. The best brands come with lightweight articles so that you can easily take it along.

Electrical Cycles make a way in busy and over-populated areas with so much ease. These cycles actively tackle bridges, flyovers, and slopes. Immediate switching between pedal and motor gives effective prevention against muscle fatigue. The driving range of each Electrical Cycle per charge is about 25 to 30 kilometers.

Equipped or fabricated with additional accessories makes Electrical Cycles a portable vehicle. Comes with the accessories enlisted below;

  • Lightweight portable battery
  • LED headlamp
  • Electronic power brakes
  • Adjustable seat
  • Rear hub motor
  • Smart charger
  • Front shocker forks
  • Electronic disc brakes at the front
  • Front metallic basket
  • Choice of the width of the rear tire
  • Extra seats and alloy rims

Electrical Cycles uses a motor that runs on the chain, therefore, there is no noise and smoke pollution.

Each type of Electrical Cycle is equipped with more efficient batteries that take one and a half hours or 90 minutes to fully charge. The two-in-one pedal and motor technology help the driver to drive the Cycle manually if the battery is low.

We, as a notable company, are thriving in the world of the Indian Electrical Vehicle(EV) industry by prioritizing innovation and quality over renovation and quantity, which reflects in our products and services. We are a proud part of the flourishing and expanding Indian EV industry for bringing exceptionally modern technology to our customers.

We use Lithium-ion batteries in Electrical Cycles which have a notable advantage over Lead-acid batteries being rechargeable, lightweight, and with high energy density. While lead-acid batteries are prone to leakage and excessive charging cause electrolysis.