An Electric Bicycle is the one fits well with a long-living Lithium-ion battery and highly efficient motor to give you far better riding experience. Vikebikeindia Pvt. Ltd. brings you Electric Bikes with three combinations.

  • Pedal Only: These are just like the regular manual bicycle to which rider have to paddle to ride it.
  • With Pedal assistance: An Electric Bike that comes with throttle( Battery and motor) and pedal which work simultaneously.
  • Electric Only: Such Electric Bikes come only with throttle and not with the pedal.

Vikebike Electric Bike is a unique vehicle with pedal assistance and Electric only as well. It means you can also pedal along with a battery and motor presence to make you ride long going. It saves battery power and increases the range per charge.

 The motor is connected with the free-wheel so when you use throttle only rear wheel and motor will work not the pedal. It shows you can enjoy the easy and comfy ride with electric power only without padel.

 Yes, Electric Bikes are much faster than traditional bicycles. An Electric Bike gives 25km per hour range on the roads. You can go faster than this along with pedal assistance but the motor will not offer more than 25kmph range.

An Electric Bike is provided with protective key technology with On, OFF and Handle-lock positions in the slot. If you take out the key in the lock position, the battery gets locked in the bicycle controller and can not be removed. Another reason is Vikebike Electric bikes with Lithium-ion batteries of 32V or 64V can only work with controllers and motors so it discourages the removal of the battery from the Bike.

Vikebike Electric Bikes are easy to handle and potable. If you want to charge a battery you have to turn the key to the anti-clockwise direction and push it inside. Now the battery fitting becomes loosen and you can remove the battery for charging by its Smart Charger. After charging keep the key towards the anti-clockwise direction and fit the battery into the slot. After this perfect fitting, the key can be turned to “ON” position to keep using Electric Bike. 

No, Vikebike Electric Bikes do not hold this feature of pedal charging. This way of charging causes trouble in many ways. First of all, this will need a heavy direct motor that increases the overall weight of the bike. Secondly, it would cause motor resistance and make trouble with constant motor drag when you want to ride an Electric Bike without a motor.

Vikebike Electric Bikes are equipped with a highly efficient and portable Lithium-ion battery with fast charging feature with the help of potable charger. Simply you can just stop by and charge it for at least 15 to 20 minutes that will definitely give you a go of 5 to 7 km. If you do not want to stop then you have to pedal to reach the exact destination.

The quick answer is no. Electric bikes are water-resistant. Think of it like your mobile phone or your watch. They are both not waterproof, but they are water resistant to various degrees. As long as you don’t use your e-bike as a submarine, you should be fine. 

Honestly speaking our company would not suggest you leave the battery on charging overnight or for a long period of time. Although our batteries are provided with low and high voltage current protection that protects the battery against overcharging and undercharging. The charger has an advanced LED indicator and current determining sensors that will auto cut off the charging after the battery gets fully charged and protect the battery from damage caused by overcharging and undercharging. So, if you leave the battery on charge for a whole night it will not get damaged due to automatic charging cut off. Normal this battery takes 4 -5 hours to charge completely.